Setting Up DeployBot

Updated:  Aug 9, 2017 10:59 am

Setting Up a New Environment

Environment Settings

Name: Production | {Name}
Port: 22

Note: The webpath needs to be created via CPanel or an FTP Client

Path (if staging)
/home/flweb/public_html/staging/{{folder name}}

Path (if production):
/home/flweb/public_html/production/{{folder name}}

Account: flweb
PW: Ask Ron Farber for the password

Add configuration file: config.php > site/config/config.php

Create content folder in shared
Then copy/paste latest content from FTP.

Add to "Run command after new version is uploaded"

mkdir -p $SHARED/content; ln -s $SHARED/content $RELEASE/
This will copy the contents of the content folder inside of shared and create a symlink to it in Kirby root so you won't override it on each deploy.

chmod -R 755 $RELEASE
This changes the releases folder to 755 on every deploy, just in case.