Publishing to Subsplash

Updated:  Aug 7, 2017 11:31 am

Adding Messages to App

In the Subsplash dashboard, go to Library > Media in the main navigation.

To add a new media series...

  • Click "Create Media Series"
  • Name the series.

To add a new media item...

  • Click "Create Media Item"
  • Give it the same name as the media series.
  • Select the media series you just created.

Filling in info for a new media series

After creating a new media series...

  • Add artwork (normally the title slide) in all three formats.
    • Square (1024 x 1024)
    • Wide (1920 x 1080)
    • Banner (1920 x 692)

Filling in info for a new media item

After adding a new media item, fill out the following info:

Title: The name of the message ("The Grain Pile Principle")
Subtitle: The order in series sequence ("Part One")
Speaker: ("Pastor Gary Keesee")
Date: The date of the Sunday service
Summary: A short summary of the message

Leave blank (for now)

  • Additional Label

Note: Keep your computer awake while the file is uploading or it might stop and throw an error.

Adding Video and Audio to Media Items

  • In the video section, select upload video and... you know, upload the video.
  • The audio section beneath it will start generating an audio version automatically. Cancel this. A separate audio version is produced and should be uploaded instead.

A note on Faith Life Teens...

Navigate to Library > Media

When uploading a message for Faith Life Teens, put it in the "Faith Life Teens" media series. This feeds directly to the podcast.

Publishing to Platforms

Note: this only needs to be done when publishing a new series.

Once a new series has been created, it needs to be added to a list in order for it to be published to the various platforms.

Main Messages

[Audio & Video]

  1. Navigate to Lists in the main nav.
  2. Open the Messages list.
  3. Select "Add item" in the top right corner, click the Media tab and select the media series you just created.

Faith Life Teens

[Audio Only]

When an item is added and published to the "Faith Life Teens" media series, it is automatically pushed to the podcast.