Setting Up Stream Monkey

Updated:  Aug 9, 2017 10:58 am

Adding Streams

  1. Log into Stream Monkey
  2. Click the "Live Streams" tab and "Add Stream"

Setting up Wirecast

Open Wirecast and select Output > Output Settings

  1. Change the Destination to RTMP Server (if not already set.
  2. Click the gear to the right of the Encoding fields. Create a New Preset.
  1. Name the preset
  2. Change the Encoder to x264.
  3. Set the streaming parameters depending on the quality of the stream.
HD High SD Med SD Low SD
1280 W 854 W 640 W 426 W
720 H 480 H 360 H 240 H
2400 Bitrate 1500 Bitrate 800 Bitrate 300 Bitrate
  1. Set the frames per second to 30.
  2. Set Profile to Baseline.
  3. Set Key frame every to 60 frames.
  4. Click "Save".

Go Back to Stream Monkey

In Stream Monkey, click the Details button.

You'll need the following information to plug into Wirecast.

  • Primary URL
  • Stream Name
  • Username
  • Password

Go Back to Wirecast

In Output Settings in Wirecast, plug in:

  1. Primary URL > Address field
  2. Stream Name > Stream field (swapping in the bitrate number [listed several fields below] where it says BITRATE)
  3. Set the user agent to FLME/3.0
  4. Click Set Credentials and plug in the Username and Password.
  5. Click "OK"